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Instructions on how to Log in to the website.

Open the JW event website address in your browser. Log in using your Security Provider (such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn) or another email.


On the Home page, a list of the available security providers is displayed.

Once a provider is selected, you will be redirected to a web page, requiring to login with provider credentials (e.g.: email will be redirected to Gmail login page). The security provider will authenticate you and redirect you to the private section of the JW event website.

In this way, no passwords or other secure information of the users has to be stored on the website. A user can only be identified if he uses a known email address to log in.

Two-Factor Authentication

In order to use the two-factor authentication login process you have to have a 2FA app installed on your smart device.

Note: You only have to setup the 2FA process once, otherwise you will only be asked to enter the 6-digit code given by the 2FA app.

When the user chooses this option, he has to enter an email address and click OK.

The user will receive an email from the website with a link, which has to be clicked. The website will show a success page in order to know, that the email was being sent. A list will be shown of different 2FA applications availiable for the user to download and install it on his device.

Note: If the user did not receive an email after 10 minutes, please check the spam folder.

After the user has clicked the link included in the email sent by the website, he will be redirected to a page with a QR-code. Open first the 2FA app on the smart device and scan the QR-code. If the installation of the 2FA app was successful a 6-digit code will be shown on the smart device.

Note: The code is valid only for 30 seconds. If you miss it, that code will expire and the app will provide another code for another 30 seconds. It will continue to repeat it until you have successfully logged in to the website.

Click the button I have verification code to proceed.

Enter the verification code (6-digit code) which is seen in the 2FA app on the smart device. If the code was successfully entered the website will automatically log in the user.

Password Authentication

If a user has no way of using an online service provider, the website offers the possibility to request a personal password for another email address.

When the user chooses this option, he has to enter an email address and click OK.

A password will be sent to the entered email address. This password will never change for this email address. Please enter the received password into the correct field on the website and click Log In.

If a user did not receive an email with a password or forgot the password, he should try to receive the password again by clicking Resend my password.

Log in successful

After your login was successful, please come back to the HELP section again to see the steps you have to take in order to apply.